• [Untitled]

    sinfonietta (for the oberlin cme)

  • [Untitled]

    chamber ensemble (for royaumont voix nouvelles, 2017)

  • Mime

    flute, electronics; for michael matsuno.

  • Torch Song

    string quartet score recording

  • In Ignorance

    ensemble score recording

  • Three Family Photos

    brass quintet score recording

  • Little Monument

    oboe, cello score recording

  • Photo

    string trio score recording

  • Falstaff Imagines a Passacaglia

    orchestra score recording

  • Some of Our Pastures

    ensemble score recording

  • Kimberly from King Street Coffee

    organ score recording

  • Ein Heldenleben

    viola score recording


  • Former Selves

    Josh Levine

    slee sinfonietta, magnus andersson video

  • Passacaille pour Tokyo

    Philippe Manoury

    thrensemble video

  • Violin Concerto

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    oberlin orchestra, rachel iba video

  • Falstaff Imagines a Passacaglia

    Matthew Chamberlain

    oberlin orchestra video

  • SynchroniCities

    Anthony Cheung

    oberlin cme video


  • Mapping Tremoli on the Flute

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